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Forex power tools - don't trade the market without it! | recommended investing

Forex Power Tools - Don't Trade The Market Without It!

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My name is Elizabeth Cullen. Many traders know me from many popular Forex Signals sites where I started off as a member but I ended up teaching and sharing with other members, my trading strategies and what I have done to become consistently successful.

I started off like many traders out there with this dream of quitting my job, Trading full time and never having to worry about where my income was coming from.

I subscribed to signal services and bought EA’s promising me HUGE returns… But I was always left feeling like I was further behind then when I started.

I had no idea how the signals were being generated and yes there were profitable days but in the end there were more losers than winners and I learned nothing about how to improve my trading. Instead I was relying on someone else to make my trading successful.

I sat down one day and I wrote down the benefits that these services provided me and the negatives that came along with them and this is what I noticed:

The signals services that were supposed to provide me with signals and trading strategies from Forex Experts only provided me with ambiguous analysis making it nearly impossible for me to catch winning trades.

Then I realized that I wasn’t alone. I remembered all of the chats that I had with other traders and that really got me to thinking!

What I saw on a daily basis was traders getting frustrated and really relying on others to ensure...

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